Ayodhya is an ancient city of India, in the Faizabad district of Uttar Pradesh According to RAMAYANA, Manu(Hindu progenitor of mankind) had founded the city Names of Ayodhya: Ayodhya had many names like Avad,Saket,Vineeta,ayuta etc.. the word Ayodhya means 'Undefeated' According to scriptures of Hindu Mythology, for centuries city was ruled by 'Surya Vanshi' Kings and was the capital of the powerful kingdom of Kosala

History of Ayodhya starts with Mahajanpads .Gautam Buddha visited the city on numerous occasions.During Mauryan Empire the city was the important social & religiuos center.Although the description of Ayodhya has been found in various ancient scriptures, but it is believed that city was lost in 3rd & 4th century It is belived that ayodhya city was rediscovered by ChandraGupta Vikramaditya(379-413 A.D).

ChandraGupta Vikramaditya made it the second most important city after Pataliputra {capital of his Empire}. After Gupta Empire, it remains as an important religious center but lost its grace & beauty. During Sultanate period & Mughals period the city was neglected but in 1756 A.D Sujhauddaula made faizabad city his capitol & tries to rebuilt the city. British brought railways to the city & during their period various Indian kings build a number of temples which can be seen today.