Ayodhya Research Institute was established on August 18, 1986 as the autonomous organization of Culture Department, Uttar Pradesh. The main objective of the institute is to conduct research, survey, publication and demonstration through Awadh, Ayodhya, Ram Katha, Ramlila, Ramayana, Tulsi etc. through universities, museums and academic institutes of the country and abroad.
About 200 research texts have been published from prestigious publications like Vani, Rajkamal, Lok Bharati. The survey work of about 50 ground Ramlis of the state, country and abroad has been completed, with 50 thousand photographs and 200 hours of video film available. Large research surveys have been done on Ramlila traditions of Surinam, Trinidad, Thailand etc. Ayodhya’s traditional Ramlila has been staged in countries like Fiji, Suriname, Trinidad, Thailand, New Zealand etc.
The Ram Katha museum was also set up in handicrafts through staging of Ramlila and development commissioner handicrafts for 13 consecutive years. The program has a budget of Rs 325.00 lakhs in the program. In addition, a grant of Rs 40.00 lakhs is also received for Ramlila staging. A total of 13 posts are sanctioned in the institute. For the conduct of the institute, the Executive Council, Finance Committee and Research Development Committee. The Chairman, Institute of Culture, Culture, Uttar Pradesh is in exile form. Principal Secretary, Finance, Principal Secretary, Planning, Commissioner, Faizabad Board, Vice Chancellor, Awadh University, Faizabad Member. Its office is located in Tulsi Memorial Building, Faizabad.